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Intelligence Squared has played host to luminaries such as President Jimmy Carter, Stephen Fry, Desmond Tutu, Naomi Wolf, Q-Tip, Jaron Lanier, Sean Penn, Steven Pinker, Richard Branson, Nate Silver, Grayson Perry, Zaha Hadid, Martin Amis, Professor Brian Cox, Salman Rushdie, and countless others.

Debates, talks, animated discussions. Politics, foreign affairs, the arts and culture. We’ve done them all.

If you were there you would have heard Russell Brand in a major set-to with Peter Hitchens over drug addiction, Eric Schmidt defending Google’s tax arrangements, Jesse Jackson leading the Barbican audience in prayer, Christopher Hitchens lambasting a Nigerian Archbishop, Patti Smith picking up her guitar for an impromptu performance, Werner Herzog condemning yoga, and Germaine Greer explaining why she posed for explicit nude photographs in the 1960s.

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Francis Fukuyama with David Runciman – Democracy: Even the best ideas can fail

Monday 22nd September
Royal Royal Institution of Great Britain
Is religion becoming the new politics? How will the technological revolution continue to impact our politics? And in the West are we in danger of becoming complacent about the challenges to democracy that we face?
Steven Pinker on Good Writing with Ian McEwan

Thursday 25th September
Royal Geographical Society
Steven Pinker returns to the Intelligence Squared stage to discuss his latest publication The Sense of Style, a short and entertaining writing guide for the 21st century. Pinker will argue that bad writing can’t be blamed on the internet, or on “the kids today”.
Is London too rich to be interesting?

Monday 29th September
Victoria and Albert Museum
Money is sucking the life out of London. At least, that’s the argument of those who worry that London is becoming too rich to be interesting, but is there any truth in it? Come to our event in partnership with the V&A.

Karen Armstrong on Religion and the History of Violence

Wednesday 1st October
Royal Institution of Great Britain
Countering the atheist claim that believers are by default violent fanatics and religion is the cause of all major wars, Karen Armstrong demonstrates that religious faith is not inherently violent.
Napoleon the Great?

Wednesday 8th October
Royal Institution of Great Britain
As the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo approaches in 2015, Intelligence Squared brings together two of Britain’s finest historians to debate how we should assess Napoleon’s life and legacy: a military genius and father of the French state, or a blundering nonentity who created his own enduring myth?
Rembrandt vs Vermeer

Wednesday 15th October
Royal Geographical Society
Following the wild success of our previous cultural combat events – Verdi vs Wagner, Jane Austen vs Emily Bronte, Shakespeare vs Milton – Intelligence Squared now turns to the two greatest painters of the Dutch Golden Age: Rembrandt and Vermeer.

We’ve overdosed. Psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical industry are to blame for the current ‘epidemic’ of mental disorders

Wednesday 12th November
Royal Geographical Society
There’s a growing number who object to the widespread use of the ‘chemical cosh’ to treat people with mental difficulties. But psychiatrists and the pharma companies would argue that depression and ADHD are real conditions for which drugs work. Which side is right?
I'd Rather be a Roundhead than a Cavalier

Monday 17th November
Royal Institution of Great Britain
To debate both the historical and present-day significance of this divide, Intelligence Squared brings together two acclaimed historians: Charles Spencer to defend the Roundhead cause, and Anna Whitelock to make the case for the Cavaliers.

More events to be announced soon…