Whose Prosperity?

How Can We Build Inclusive and Sustainable Economies?

Sunday 26 March 2017, 6.30pm | BMUB, Berlin

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Globalisation has created wealth across the world, lifting hundreds of millions out of extreme poverty. But has too much of the wealth ended up in the hands of too few? How can our model for globalisation be reconfigured to promote more equal, stable economies which do not overstretch environmental resources? Our current socio-economic system, many argue, is increasing inequalities and accelerating climate change and destruction of the environment. The Sustainable Development Goals — the UN’s roadmap to prosperity for all on a healthy planet — will require considerable financial resources. Many experts are now calling for a change to our entire model of doing business, by measuring national prosperity beyond GDP, sharing wealth equitably, and shifting economies to an inclusive, sustainable model. But how can these goals be met, and what are the risks to an increasingly strained global jobs market and the needs of developing nations?


Barbados’ Minister of Labour and Social Security. Formerly Minister of Family, Youth, Sports and Environment and General Secretary and Vice President of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP).

Executive Director of Oxfam International since 2013. She previously served as director of the Gender Team in the Bureau for Development Policy at the United Nations Development Programme, and was a senior diplomat and politician in Uganda.

UN Assistant Secretary-General and head of the UN Environment Program’s New York Office. He previously worked in the African Department and the Fiscal Affairs Department at the IMF.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Heraeus Holding, a
leading German technology firm. He is the current chair of the B20 (Business 20) during the German G20 presidency, and serves as Chairman of the Board at UNICEF and the Kathinka-Platzhoff Foundation.

Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey. He has been at the forefront of international debates about sustainable development for over two decades. Author of Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet.


Robert Collins

Senior Producer at global debate forum Intelligence Squared. His debates at Intelligence Squared have included Money Can Grow On Trees: What’s Good For Nature Is Good For Business, Nature: Our Best Climate Technology? and Thriving in the Age of Acceleration with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.


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