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The Guardian
“Intelligence Squared, the business that makes brainy argument into an extreme sport for urban intellectuals.”
Financial Times

“Despite the alleged ‘dumbing-down’ of our culture, there is a startlingly large audience for public lectures and debates. The most striking example of this that I have come across was when I spoke at an Intelligence Squared debate in London, a few months ago…the Royal Geographical Society in London was packed. The audience ran into hundreds.”
Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times

“Intelligence Squared has a worldwide reach, great contacts, and a rich, well-educated, global audience”
The Observer
“These debates, pioneered by Intelligence Squared, really make a contribution to the life of the nation…the ripples move out, the ideas in the debate spread into radio and the newspapers.”
The Telegraph
‘”Why are the debates so successful?…The audience has a flattering sense that the speakers are addressing them, not the cameras or tomorrow’s front pages. They feel the argument is really taking place, and so they find themselves arguing in their own minds.”
Financial Times - How To Spend It
“Real-world conversation is coming back. Salons such as Intelligence Squared are becoming new places for the literary and intellectually inclined to meet.”
The Independent
“Possibly the world’s premier debating forum, Intelligence Squared pull in the biggest names with the sharpest minds around.”
The Spectator
“The great thing about Intelligence Squared debates is their vitality, pace and compression. A week-long seminar couldn’t have covered as much ground as we traversed in 100 minutes on Tuesday night”
“Debate-staging organisation extraordinaire Intelligence Squared consistently nails it with eminent and engaging panelists.”

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